Equity Life Association

Estate Overview

Case Number CJ-2020-2241

Receivership Date


Liquidation Date


Policies Terminated

First monthly anniversary after 5/28/2020

Deadline to file Proof of Claim


Closure Date

To be determined

Assistant Receiver

Donna L. Wilson, CIR-ML

Receivership Counsel

Oklahoma Insurance Department counsel, Sara A. Worten


Thomas E. Prince

Events and Information

05/28/2020 - Liquidation Order Approved

The Oklahoma County District Court approved the Order Placing Equity Life Association Into Receivership and Appointing Receiver.

Liquidation Information

Equity Life Association was placed into receivership for liquidation on May 28, 2020 by the Oklahoma District Court (CJ-2020-2241) due to financial impairment.

Pursuant to the Order, direct policies and/or certificates of insurance not cancelled, lapsed or otherwise terminated prior to their next monthly anniversary, will terminate at 12:01 a.m. on their next monthly anniversary or upon date after May 28, 2020 requested by the insured or policyholder of any such direct policy and/or certificate of insurance pursuant to policy provisions, if the requested cancellation date is prior to the next monthly anniversary. Also, in the event a direct policy and/or certificate is deemed to have lapsed as of May 28, 2020, such policy will not be reinstated.